All The Way Woke

Why did I start my own blog? Because I got tired of being censored by Facebook!! I stayed in Facebook jail! If you don’t know what FB jail is, it is when they suspend your account for posting things that are against their policy. But here is the thing, they will sell ads to Russia that helped corrupt our election but will take down a bodycam image of a white officer shooting a black man in the back. These are the things that our community needs to be aware of.  I needed a place that I could come and exercise my right to express how I feel about national issues that adversely affect the black community and the country at large.  I started this blog because I wanted a place where people can come can discuss change, growth, challenges and goals without the hate that exists on other social media sights. We are smart, strong and powerful! Sincerely Shanae is a place where like minded people can come together and openly discuss everything. This is a safe haven for us (people that want better for our country, not hate and judgement) to come and learn how to unite, laugh and love one another…

Welcome Home

First blog post


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