The Truth Behind the Lies

As I read through hundreds if not thousands of hate filled messages on social media on some of my posts, it made me wonder where these people are getting their information from? Do they actually believe that all black and brown people are lazy criminals and that most minorities are on welfare?

I would be hard pressed to believe that their hatred for black and brown people comes from media propaganda? But after thinking long and hard I realized that they do believe this bullshit to be true, if not we wouldn’t have a jackass like DT in office. So here we go! I am about to drop some knowledge on your! I’m going to tell you the truth about how prisons get filled up with brown and black people and a very small percentage of whites. I can assure you its not because white folks don’t commit any crimes. And, I want you to have facts on who is benefiting the most from public assistance so you can share it with those that just don’t know any better.

White people outnumber all races on public assistance. Yeah I know that sounds crazy but read for yourself the facts. For starters, read this article and then do a little research for yourself. Yeah I know that breaks from the narrative y’all like but facts are facts.

The saddest part about the welfare statistics (regardless of race) is that most people on public assistance are the working poor.  And like the article says, it’s mostly white people. Let me emphasize WORKING poor!  Not lazy blacks or lazy whites per se. These are people making ten and twelve dollars and hour, working two jobs, and trying to make ends meet.

Our country leaders are so messed up they have US citizens, that are in a tough place feeling like second class citizens. Without taking into consideration that some of these people provide them with different domestic services everyday, whether it’s the cashier at Starbucks or the maid that cleaned their suite before returning from a long day of 18 holes…

More to come…later today on this!


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