Why We Protest!

I want to take a moment to compare two recent stories that involve the Utah Police. Pay attention how differently the similar situations ended!!


Situation #1


Alex Wubbles is a white nurse at a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. A detective by the name of Jeff Payne manhandles this nurse because she defies his orders. She is screaming and is trying to get away while the detective is trying to handcuff her.

Within 48 hours of the video surfacing Jeff Payne is no longer employed, he was FIRED James Tracy, his Watch Commander, was demoted two ranks from Lieutenant to Officer.

Their boss said their actions had undermined public trust.

Situation #2

“Police say they stopped Patrick Harmon, 50, on State Street near downtown Salt Lake City because he was riding his bicycle erratically and did not have a red rear light. After finding that Harmon had multiple open arrest warrants, including one stemming from a felony aggravated assault charge, the officers informed Harmon that he was under arrest. That is when he ran, according to a police body-camera video.” Harmon turned around and started to run when he was shot in the back! I SAID HE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK! The officer said he was “in fear for his life” because the suspect had a knife… As of right now the officer is on “modified duty” but this killing was deemed justified by the Utah police department.

White women defies officers orders, she is “manhandled” while being cuffed- officer FIRED

Black man defies officers orders, runs away, shot DEAD- Officer on modified duty…

and this is why we take a knee.




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  1. I am happy you started your blog. I want to say this. They don’t respect us as people. This is why there needs to be criminal justice reform. I feel that until police officers are held accountable for their crimes on. This will continue to happen. I think most people fail to look at the issue for what it is. Where in America, does a car light being out gets you killed (Philandro Castille). Jaywalking (Mike Brown), etc. This man didn’t deserve to die. The news won’t play it because no one cares and thats the sad part. But let an officer get shot and its national news. Then you have the department of injustice who wont do any independent investigations on these murders. And they wonder why we kneel.


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