NCAA Says No Money For the Field-Hands

The NCAA is fighting to keep these athletes from receiving the compensation they deserve with the same passion and dedication slave owners fought to keep slavery legal. It appears the NCAA would rather continue to see coaches caught up in scandals and players struggle to make ends meet than to pay the same athletes that keep food on their table.

I do get it though. The NCAA president, and predominantly white head coaches feel as though they are already doing these young men a favor. The mind set is “if your black ass wasn’t playing football for us, you would be selling drugs or getting into trouble doing other things. So shut up, play ball and be happy you have been given the opportunity to see the inside of a college campus.” Okay, I get it, and you know what. In some cases that may be true.

My response to that is, what does the athletes background have to do with the price of tea in China. Nothing. Nothing at all. But honestly the reason that the NCAA is still allowed to run the “plantation” with very little interference from the outside world is because the parents and the athletes feel the same way that the Massa does. Oh I meant the NCAA staff and the coaches. The athletes and the parents feel like its a blessing for their child just to be able to play ball and get that 1% shot at making it to the pros.

An Article in USA Today said:

When Nick Saban can clear $11 million, as he will this year, or Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany gets a $20 million bonus, it’s not hard to do the math and realize those kind of payouts are only possible because the athletes are little more than indentured servants.

Consider that the NCAA will get more than $760 million this year from CBS and Turner for the men’s basketball tournament, and you can see how this all adds up.

Which leads me to my next question.

Why are we so quick to accept the bare minimum of everything? Most of us don’t even realize how low our expectations are, yet we complain about not having anything? There is no way that these college institutions should be building 50+ million dollar sports facilities and everyone is getting paid millions except the field hands, oh I mean the players? No way that’s okay. Did you know that just under 50% of black student athlete won’t graduate?

“According to a study published by the university of Pennsylvania’s Center for the study of Race and Equity in Education, just over half of the black male athletes at the 65 wealthiest athletics programs will graduate within six years… Black players graduated at a rate 25.2 lower than other full time black males”

Lets guess why they graduate at a lower rate then the other full time students. Athletes put in 20 hours on the field/court a week, another 10 hours in the weight room, another 10 hour in meetings and watching film, oh and then there is travel and game day playing time. That brings us to 45-50 hours of sports training. Then they are required to take a full load (12 units or more). But the NCAA calls these athletes “amateurs” so they can’t be paid. If that doesn’t sound like some bullshit I don’t know what is.

Here are some other fun NCAA facts:

* This officially “amateur” sport generates nearly $3.5 billion a year, but the young men who play the game–predominantly African American—don’t see a dime of it. Yes, they get tuition, room and board, plus lots of Nike, Adidas or Under Armour gear (making them walking advertisements), but they’re essentially free labor.

* The average university brings in around 50 million in revenue from their athletic departments

* There are only two collegiate sports that make a profit, basketball and football. These two sports which are supported by prominently black players supply enough money to provide athletic scholarships for all other collegiate sports including, water polo, swimming, volleyball, hockey, track and field, soccer, lacrosse, etc.

* Last year the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) raked in a record $1 billion in revenue from media rights fees, ticket sales, corporate sponsorships and a proliferation of television ads anchored around the three week long March Madness tournament.

*One of the most lucrative contracts connected with the tournament is the one for the broadcast rights. In 2010 the NCAA signed a 14-year, $10.8 billion contract with CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting, paid over the 14-year term. The deal was extended in April 2016 for a combined total rights fee of $8.8 billion that will keep the tournament on the networks until 2032.

*NCAA athletes are not allowed to make any money from any source other than what the NCAA provides. If they are caught with any other source of unauthorized income, the student athlete can lose their hard earned scholarship.

Do you know what sharecropping is?

Sharecropping is a system where the landlord/plantation owner allows a tenant to use the land in exchange for a share of the crop. This encouraged tenants to work to produce the biggest harvest that they could, and ensured they would remain tied to the land and unlikely to leave for other opportunities.


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