Dating With A Purpose

What does it mean to go a date in this day and age? When I hear someone ask me out the first thing that crosses my mind is “you’re trying to see if I’m going to sleep with you? No!” Do people even date with the purpose of getting married and becoming a family? It seems more of the same. A lot of wasted hours and dollars on someone that is looking to “hang out” and have a “good time.”

Last night, after I prayed to God to show me what I need to know. I opened my bible app and starting scrolling. Just then I stumbled upon a 7-day Dating With a Purpose plan! I couldn’t believe it. The word were literally music to my ears! Ben Stuart wrote these quotes below:

The day 2 devotional said this:

“the purpose of dating is not to find completion as an individual but to find a person of great character and with whom you have great chemistry. When you date another person, the goal is to grow together so you can encourage, challenge, and shape each other. In the process, you will have to adapt, change, and sacrifice. It won’t always be easy or look like the romantic depictions you see in Hollywood films. But you can be assured the journey will be well worth it.

This is the purpose of dating. This is the vision you are aiming for in marriage. And it is a pretty amazing ride!”

There was another 7 day devotional entitled Dating: Navigating life + Love in the modern Age. This passage also spoke to me

When I look at the landscape of life and love in many people today, I see fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of missing out. Fear of losing opportunities. In others I hear pride—the insistence to live life on their own terms so no one can threaten their freedom of expression. In many, I also see lust. Why commit to love someone emotionally if you can just use them physically? Fear, pride, and lust are the root of many problems that crop up in relationships.

None of these drivers aim at love. Fear closes off and withdraws, but love opens up and gives freely. Pride will not tolerate the risk of exposing one’s self to another, but love risks vulnerability for the sake of the other person. Lust tells the other person you only want the parts you can use, but love embraces the whole person—on his or her best days and worst.

As long as fear, lust, and pride are in the driver’s seat of your relationship, you will be speeding away from healthy love. These things will drive you into isolation or create shallow relationships that do not honor God. This is the situation I see in our culture today. I see a generation lost at sea.

The comments that I read after I posted this topic on my Facebook account further made me believe that we have something that need to be discussed. Feel free to listen to my very first Blog Talk radio post on Dating With A Purpose.


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