Why We Expect Mass Murderers to Be White

The truth of the matter is that the United States was built on the genocide and mass murder of the indigenous people of this land. European men have been savagely killing people throughout history. After the native people of America were murdered down to insignificant numbers they moved on to African slaves. Building an entire country off the backs of black men.

Why do we accept this behavior from white men? Because that’s who they are. Throughout the history of the United States we have seen white men murder, rape, and abuse every race and gender with impunity. Women were property so they could be beaten and raped by their husband without any consequences. Slaves were their property so they could beat, rape and abuse them without prosecution.

With every passing day another child was born to see how things are done in America.  These learned behaviors are a direct reflection of what we see today with white men. Whether it’s in the work place, in the court room or on the streets. There is an air of white privilege when they are in the room.

And now what? I answer to this question in the video below.

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