Dying To Be Free

Quick update on Libya

From what I can see, the biggest problem isn’t the Slave trade. The biggest problem is that there are hundreds of thousands of Africans from different parts of the continent trying to escape to Europe via Libya.

Smugglers are being paid by the migrants to take them on a raft out to the middle of the Mediterranean Sea (about 12 miles off the coast of Libya) where hopefully they will be met by a European rescue ship that will take them aboard and sail them to the Italian shore. After exiting the rescue ship the refugees will receive medical attention and be registered to stay in Europe.

The flip side is that if the small raft carrying 100-120 men women and children flips over, people die. Over 4000 people have already drowned trying to flee Africa.

The refugees are being raped, robbed and beaten while waiting their turn to be smuggled out, some are even being sold off as slaves.

The militia that the Libyan government hired are untrained to handle this type of chaos. They are killing and beating the refugees that have been captured because they don’t know how to handle the dysfunction.

The Libyan government does not have the money to provide adequate food, shelter, bedding or medical care for these migrants and refugees that are being kept in these detention centers for months.

Another problem is that countries like Somalia, Afghan, Iraq, and other places that are the origin countries of the detainees are not even sending for their citizens that are stuck in these concentration camps aka detention center.

The only way I think that we can help is to put pressure on our government to put pressure on the African countries to go and get their people out of the detention centers. Other than that I’m at a loss for viable options. If any of this is incorrect please forgive me. I’m piecing it together from several sources, some that don’t speak English.

Let us continue to pray

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