White Schools VS HBCU’s


Every top black high school athlete is praying for an opportunity to go Duke, Kentucky, Clemson or one of the many other top 25 colleges. You may say “no, every athlete is praying for that opportunity.”

The difference is when a white kid goes to any of these top schools, they will be among  their peers. When a black kid goes to these school he is normally there for the sole purpose of  playing a sport that can bring in big dollars.

And here is where my problem lies…

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  1. Ms Shanae i was just walking about this. When i saw on ESPN the list pf college coaches that recently got fired. All were white. I said to myself hire new young black men? They’ re currently 40 job open for next yr. I believe two are black. But i also notice NO university alumna (blacks) are ever hired to there school.


  2. This is a fight the Black Coaches Association has been fighting for the last 20 years. Read the book 40million Dollar Slave. Football isn’t going to be the lead on this subject. It is just too many people to have to make that choice at one time to make a difference. In basketball, it can be done with 5 five star guys going to just one HBCU and winning the National Champion. I took part in the NCAA Minority Coaching Academy which looks to place black coaches in front of PWC AD and Presidents. After meeting and being mentored by one, I was told flat out, the President don’t know black coaches so when it comes time to hire someone, they reach out to other white people for recommendations or search firms who again, don’t know black coaches. Also, HBCU needs to upgrade their facilities to make it attractive to players. There are no D1 HBCU FBS football teams, but we do play basketball. In the 40 Million Dollar Slave, the Fab Five was headed to Southern, but Chris Webber saw the facilities and how bad they were and the history was never written. Think about what that would have looked like!!!!!


  3. Totally get what you’re trying to say but you’re comparing apples to oranges…All the coaches you mentioned coach at D1 (big time) schools. There are no HBCU’s competing in D1 in football! All HBCU’s compete in D1-AA, D2 and in the NAIA which is a whole other organization than the NCAA…For example Southern is not a peer of crosstown LSU, it is a peer of NW Louisiana, SE Louisiana, McNeese St and the other PWI’s in Louisiana that play D1-AA football like they do and I’ll bet the coaches pay at SU and Grambling is on par with their peer instate schools.. FAMU had put together an exploratory committee a few yrs ago to see if a move to D1 made financial sense and it didn’t due to all the non-revenue sports you have to fund to have full D1 status…


  4. I agree with Wj Bennett in that if a move like that could be made it would be way more feasible in basketball than football due to you only having to have 1 or 2 top level recruits to get a HBCU over the top compared to football..


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