Clearing Up Unclear Dating Expectations

Clearing Up Unclear Dating Expectations


I surveyed the followers on my IG and Facebook to see if I could get a better understanding of what women should expect of men. Here are some of the questions that my co-workers and I could not come to an agreement on.

The results are in!

I also included comments from my social media pages that made me say WOW, agree, or laugh!

Question #1

If a woman is invited over to a mans house for dinner what time should she leave by so that he doesn’t think he’s getting sex?

A) 9-10pm – 26%

B) Midnight – 17%

C) No expectation- 57%

Question #2

After what time should a lady consider his call, a booty call?

A) After 10pm- 52%

B) After Midnight- 35%

C) After 2am- 13%

Question #3 (This had the most comments)

After how many dates does a guy expect some sexual contact?

A) 1-2 dates – 15%

B) 3-4 dates – 11%

C) 5 or more – 20%

D) No expectations 54%

Question #4

Should a woman ever pay for a first date?

A) Yes- 11%

B) No- 62%

C) It Depends- 27%

Question #5

Is a man responsible for his dates Alternative transportation if necessary… cab or Uber?

A) Yes – 67%

B) No – 33%

Question #6

If a guy offers to take a lady he has never met on a trip is he…

A) trying to get to know her – 10%

B) smash -18%

C) both – 72%

Question #7 (I didn’t expect this)

After two people have sex are they automatically monogamous?

A) Yes – 31%

B) No – 69%

69% of y’all are so nasty!! So you really need a discussion in order for a monogamous relationship to be on the table? If the discussion doesn’t happen prior to the sexual encounter you’re just going to slip out of one vagina and go on to the next one? Ok!

Thank you for everyone that participated in the survey. You have provided invaluable information to all of the non-serial daters.



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