College Athletes-A Free Ride

One thought on “College Athletes-A Free Ride

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  1. I’ll easily accept $10 per hour and an education/degree in lue of paying 20K. I believe that you are assuming that the kids don’t get their degree. My 3 brothers and myself all played sports on Scholarship, we all have our degrees. I have no less than 20 friends that played college sports who have their degrees. My Nephew who is in the Ravens camp right now started his doctorate program this summer. Nothing in life worth having is free. A price is paid for everything. Yes the student athletes should be getting a few dollars more. The emphasis should be on making sure that “free” education is received. I love your passion on this subject, but you just don’t get the whole picture. Someone is always making money off of someone’s services. Whoever you produce sports shows for is making money off of you and your services. Continue being Great!


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