The National Anthem

History lesson:
The national anthem was written in 1814…this was NOT “THE LAND OF THE FREE” for SLAVES Aka African Americans! The Star Spangled Banner is a poem that was written by Francis Scott Key an American lawyer, author, and amateur poet to show how pleased he was that the flag was still standing after battle. He was proud that the slaves that fought against the US army (for their freedom) couldn’t avoid being murdered!

Original verse “Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps pollution. No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave”
In 1814 those soldiers were not fighting for us(Black men and women)!!! As a matter of fact, in 2017, I still don’t see the people that are suppose to “protect & serve” fighting for us, just take a look as some of the incidents involving black people and police! And people wonder why Colin kneels!  #f*ckIt #ImOnOne

The Truth Behind the Lies

As I read through hundreds if not thousands of hate filled messages on social media on some of my posts, it made me wonder where these people are getting their information from? Do they actually believe that all black and brown people are lazy criminals and that most minorities are on welfare?

I would be hard pressed to believe that their hatred for black and brown people comes from media propaganda? But after thinking long and hard I realized that they do believe this bullshit to be true, if not we wouldn’t have a jackass like DT in office. So here we go! I am about to drop some knowledge on your! I’m going to tell you the truth about how prisons get filled up with brown and black people and a very small percentage of whites. I can assure you its not because white folks don’t commit any crimes. And, I want you to have facts on who is benefiting the most from public assistance so you can share it with those that just don’t know any better.

White people outnumber all races on public assistance. Yeah I know that sounds crazy but read for yourself the facts. For starters, read this article and then do a little research for yourself. Yeah I know that breaks from the narrative y’all like but facts are facts.

The saddest part about the welfare statistics (regardless of race) is that most people on public assistance are the working poor.  And like the article says, it’s mostly white people. Let me emphasize WORKING poor!  Not lazy blacks or lazy whites per se. These are people making ten and twelve dollars and hour, working two jobs, and trying to make ends meet.

Our country leaders are so messed up they have US citizens, that are in a tough place feeling like second class citizens. Without taking into consideration that some of these people provide them with different domestic services everyday, whether it’s the cashier at Starbucks or the maid that cleaned their suite before returning from a long day of 18 holes…

More to come…later today on this!


Why We Protest!

I want to take a moment to compare two recent stories that involve the Utah Police. Pay attention how differently the similar situations ended!!


Situation #1


Alex Wubbles is a white nurse at a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. A detective by the name of Jeff Payne manhandles this nurse because she defies his orders. She is screaming and is trying to get away while the detective is trying to handcuff her.

Within 48 hours of the video surfacing Jeff Payne is no longer employed, he was FIRED James Tracy, his Watch Commander, was demoted two ranks from Lieutenant to Officer.

Their boss said their actions had undermined public trust.

Situation #2

“Police say they stopped Patrick Harmon, 50, on State Street near downtown Salt Lake City because he was riding his bicycle erratically and did not have a red rear light. After finding that Harmon had multiple open arrest warrants, including one stemming from a felony aggravated assault charge, the officers informed Harmon that he was under arrest. That is when he ran, according to a police body-camera video.” Harmon turned around and started to run when he was shot in the back! I SAID HE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK! The officer said he was “in fear for his life” because the suspect had a knife… As of right now the officer is on “modified duty” but this killing was deemed justified by the Utah police department.

White women defies officers orders, she is “manhandled” while being cuffed- officer FIRED

Black man defies officers orders, runs away, shot DEAD- Officer on modified duty…

and this is why we take a knee.




All The Way Woke

Why did I start my own blog? Because I got tired of being censored by Facebook!! I stayed in Facebook jail! If you don’t know what FB jail is, it is when they suspend your account for posting things that are against their policy. But here is the thing, they will sell ads to Russia that helped corrupt our election but will take down a bodycam image of a white officer shooting a black man in the back. These are the things that our community needs to be aware of.  I needed a place that I could come and exercise my right to express how I feel about national issues that adversely affect the black community and the country at large.  I started this blog because I wanted a place where people can come can discuss change, growth, challenges and goals without the hate that exists on other social media sights. We are smart, strong and powerful! Sincerely Shanae is a place where like minded people can come together and openly discuss everything. This is a safe haven for us (people that want better for our country, not hate and judgement) to come and learn how to unite, laugh and love one another…

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